Though an intimate part of the body, an enlarged labia can cause discomfort during day-to-day activities like long bike rides and sexual intercourse. Additionally, a concern of unsightliness may affect self-confidence in intimate situations. Reduction of the labia minora can reduce irritation and discomfort and improve your quality of life and confidence.

During your consultation with Dr. Kim, an examination of the labia minora and majora will occur to evaluate your candidacy for the procedure and the best surgical approach to achieve your desired results. Dr. Kim will discuss the risks and benefits associated with the procedure with you.

You will be healed enough in about 2 weeks to proceed with your activities. However, you may have residual swelling, which may cause discomfort and hinder some activities, and may take longer to resolve.

Many state improvement in their experience as the discomfort has resolved.

You cannot undergo the procedure while pregnant, however, you may proceed with the procedure at any time.