Breast lift

Skin loses elasticity as we age. This also applies to the skin of your breasts. Additionally, significant weight fluctuations, such as weight loss/gain, and/or breastfeeding may cause unwanted changes to the shape and size of your breast. A breast lift or mastopexy is a simple and effective means to counteract breast sagging. The procedure involves removing excess skin to “lift” the breast and create a perkier appearance, placing the nipple areolar complex back into proper position. At times, implants may also be recommended to give more fullness and shape to your breasts.

Dr. Kim will perform a breast examination to determine the surgical technique necessary to achieve your desired goals. Depending on your desired results, this procedure may be combined with other surgeries. Dr. Kim takes special care to maximize cosmetic outcomes and minimize scarring.

Your candidacy to undergo a breast lift will be discussed during your consultation.

No, for more information on breast reduction, please see our page on Breast Reduction Surgery.

Without major lifestyle or physical changes, the results should be long-lasting, as the process of aging continues.

Though rare, nerve injuries can occur with any surgeries that are performed, including breast surgeries.

Yes, you can undergo a breast implant revision or breast implant removal if the results of your breast augmentation do not achieve your desired results. If you previously had a breast augmentation and are considering breast revision, Dr. Kim can help you decide during a consultation.