Lipedema is a chronic condition that causes excess adipose tissue (fat) to accumulate usually in the lower part of the body, and rarely in the arms and abdominal region. This is often symmetrical and can cause pain, swelling, easy bruising and fatigue due to the heaviness.

No, these are separate diagnoses.

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The pathogenesis of lipedema is not well understood, but limited research suggests it may be hormone dependent and may be passed down.


After failing conservative management of lipedema, you can consult a surgeon for surgical intervention. During a consultation, Dr. Kim evaluates your surgical candidacy and potential surgical plan with you. Dr. Kim tailors surgical plans to each patient and discusses realistic medical and cosmetic outcomes that surgery may accomplish.


Depending on the severity, lipedema may (and often does) require several surgeries about three to six months. Most commonly, liposuction is used to decrease the amount of lipedema you have. At times, direct excision is needed. During a consultation, Dr. Kim discusses these surgical options with you.

The possibility of insurance coverage for your lipedema surgery depends on your insurance type and lipedema symptoms.