Breast Reduction​

Large breasts may cause undue physical and psychological stress from back and shoulder pain, rashes and odor under skin folds, unwanted attention, and mal-fitting clothing. Breast reduction serves as a solution to this stress through surgical reduction of your breast tissue. You may be unsure if breast reduction surgery is right for you. Dr. Kim will help you decide if this procedure may improve your quality of life and help achieve your desired results.

You will undergo a breast examination and discuss with Dr. Kim your desired look, size, and symmetry. Following a breast examination, Dr. Kim will overview the best technique for your breast reduction and any concerns or questions you may have will be addressed.

No, these are two different surgical procedures.

Though rare, with any surgeries, there is a chance for nerve injury that may result in loss of sensation and/or change in your sensation.

Dr. Kim will discuss realistic results and goals during your consultation.

Yes. You should wait for a minimum of 6 months after breastfeeding or significant weight loss to make sure that you have the best outcome.